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Ana Kras

Beautiful objects by Ana Kras


Ana KrasAna KrasAna KrasAna KrasAna KrasAna KrasAna KrasAna KrasAna KrasAna Kras

Ana Kras makes beautiful things. Lots of beautiful things actually, in a variety of media. When she’s not making a sculpture she’s creating furniture, and if not drawing she’s probably designing a book or embroidering limited edition pieces for well-respected fashion brands. And if none of these are on the go, we’d probably find her modelling! It would seem that this lady doesn’t stop working, and as a self-professed workaholic we’re not surprised to find that her hobbies are all somewhat related to her work.

Ana Kras is a Serbian-born artist. She was raised in Belgrade and studied at the University of Applied Arts. Her career was kickstarted when a chair she made as part of her diploma (pictured, the Hug chair), was chosen and shown at the Milan Furniture Fair Exhibition. Following a super positive reaction from her piece, Ana Kras submitted more work the following year resulting in all of the pieces being shown, in a bigger show. Curiosity through press and internet circulation got the ball rolling, in a chain reaction which leads to her higher profile in the art world today.

Ana is currently based in New York and works from a beautiful studio space shared with her partner Devendra Banhart. Her simplistic and friendly approach to design is extended to all areas of her practice. Her relaxed, subtle style and mood flows seemingly effortlessly between her furniture, photography and illustrations. Like all good industrial design, Ana’s furniture works are beautiful in their versatility and functionality as well as aesthetic. Perhaps her most iconic furniture piece is the BonBon; a family of handmade, one of a kind lanterns in muted tones and pastel threads. We also love her Drum side-tables which have removable dowels to store objects in, and the Noodle side-table; a simple metal, stackable basket, with a removable plate which doubles as a serving tray!

See more of Ana Kras on her website and follow her on Instagram.

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