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Tin & Ed

Tin & Ed's hands-on approach to design


Tin & EdTin & EdTin & EdTin & EdTin & EdTin & EdTin & Ed GormanTin & Ed

Melbourne design duo Tin & Ed are the collective brain / craft power of Tin Nguyen and Edward Cutting. Talented, young and vibrant, these guys are not afraid to inject a bit of curiosity, experimentation and fun into their work, and we can dig that.

They’ve been rattling the rigidity of the design world for quite a few years now, with a friendship that stretches back to their uni days in the early 2000’s. Their first project together was working on a punk rock magazine together over the uni holidays! In the time since graduating they’ve cultivated an instantly recognisable style which spans across a huge array of mediums and clients. Reaching through the worlds of design, illustration, installation, publishing, architecture and animation, Tin and Ed have created work for some of the worlds largest brands and equally a lot of smaller, independent guys too.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you would have recently seen their handiwork on the album artwork of Chet Faker and Roland Tings and spied some super fun food illustrations in Raph Rashid’s book ‘Hungry For That’. Melbourne people, you would have spotted their work across TVC’s for Melbourne Music Week, collided with murals and walls in notable hotels, cafes and bars and you possibly made it to their flag making workshop held during MelbourneNOW at the NGV.

The Tin and Ed aesthetic is one that has become iconic with their ever-present element of DIY and the handmade. There is an inherent fun, optimistic spirit which lives in every project they execute. Whether it’s a print project for Nike, a video for a non for profit organisation or a purely experimental studio project, the underlying mood is always one of play.

Evidence of their human hand is wonderful and refreshing. “Practice makes imperfect”, as Tin & Ed say.

So, go forth and mess up! Discover the beauty that hides in mistakes.

Follow Tin & Ed on Instagram and Twitter. Check out their chunky back catalogue on their website.

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