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Miranda Skoczek

Optimism and fantasy worlds from Miranda Skoczek


Miranda SkoczekMiranda SkoczekMiranda SkoczekMiranda SkoczekMiranda SkoczekMiranda Skoczek

Beautiful and fantastical in their colours and subject matter, Miranda Skoczek creates works that are full of fancy and authenticity. You can tell that this Melbourne based artist loves to make work. There is an element of love and heart embedded in all of her pieces that is unmistakable. She is genuine and it shines through.

Miranda Skoczek makes work that is a myriad of wonderful colour, shapes and animals. Inspired by personal and cultural experiences, textiles, decorative arts, architecture, design, folk art and the natural world, she uses paint in the most magnificent shades and hues to construct her incredible worlds. The influences from Indian and Asian cultures are unmissable, and combined with her own use of colour and injection of the personal she creates an entirely new space writhing in fantasy and spirit.  Miranda manages to create harmony amongst the joyful madness on the canvas, and balance everything out in a way that is surprising.

These spaces are a place of joy and wonder. It’s naive and spiritual all at once. We think this vibe stems from the playful positivity and optimism that each piece radiates. A world to escape to, jump in and get lost for a while. In an interview with Freunde Von Freunden, Miranda has said “ My paintings are explorations of unrestrained fantasy, they create a space to enjoy beauty, the exotic and escape from the harsh realities we are bombarded with daily.”

In other past interviews, Miranda Skoczek has stressed that accessibility is key in her practice, rejecting the ‘impenetrability’ of contemporary art. “I think it is so important for society’s advancement, that the average Joe (or Joanne) engages with art.”

We challenge anyone to explore Miranda’s work and feel anything but pure elation and delight. Happiness is infectious and inspiring, and severely under-rated in the serious, hot and heavy of the straight faced art world!

Whenever we need a little check-out from reality, we’ll be hitting up Miranda Skoczek’s presence online. Follow her on Instagram and explore more of her work through the Edwina Corlette Gallery.

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