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Evie Cahir

Evie Cahir - Documenting lifes quieter moments


Evie CahirEvie CahirEvie CahirEvie CahirEvie CahirEvie CahirEvie CahirEvie CahirEvie CahirEvie CahirEvie Cahir

Evie Cahir is a Melbourne-based artist, illustrator and zine maker.

Using watercolour and pencil, she documents fragments of small moments in high detail. The moments feel special, something that might often fly by unnoticed to a busy or pre-occupied eye. These snippets of daily life are collected and compiled in negative space on one sheet of Stonehenge. The compositions are both extremely aesthetically pleasing and further, collectively tell of a specific moment in time or memory through the connections of objects and scenes.

It’s this zoning in on intimate fragments of life and exaggeration of small moments which make her work so memorable. It feels familiar yet personal, as though we are peeking into a photo album or diary. Feeling the familiarity of these quiet, not-so-memorable times in the routine of the day that we all experience.

In previous interviews, Evie has mentioned her subject matter is inspired by “fields other than design and drawing most of the time”. Her ever-expanding scope sees her looking to people, books, photographs, snippets of conversation and interiors for inspiration. As a result, food, plants, coffee, cartoons, rumbled sheets and beautiful light are rampant in her illustrations, creating a really beautiful and romantic depiction of the everyday grind.

Evie’s ongoing ‘Mapping’ project is one that really intrigues us. Initially known as “Mapping Melbourne”, the concept is kind of like an illustrated version of Broadsheet, instead reviewing favourite suburbs, ‘hoods and ciggie stoops. The project has seen her draw from journeys across Melbourne, Sydney and Ballarat and will follow her to Finland in May where she will be participating in a residency in Hämeenkyrö.

We can’t wait to experience her journey in Finland through her drawings too!

Follow Evie Cahir on Tumblr and Instagram, and check out her previous projects on her website. She also has an online shop where you can nab zines, sketchbooks and artist “jarnk”.

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