Amber Day

Amber Day and her painterly approach to textiles

Amber DayAmber DayAmber DayAmber DayAmber DayAmber DayAmber DayAmber DayAmber DayAmber Day

Finding incredible graduate work is a real thrill. A lady who recently caught our eye is Amber Day. She’s a recent grad of the Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in textiles, concentrating on apparel design and art history. With an interest in colour relationships, painting with a human touch and happy accidents, we are so happy we collided with her thesis project online.

In a flurry of colour and vibrant shapes Amber Day references art classics, paint-by-numbers, drawing techniques and materials in stark silhouettes and what feels like real spontaneity. There is a looseness and relaxed vibe to the prints that come through her truly painterly approach to textiles.

With vibrant shapes screen printed onto felt, the Painters Palette cape, Henri coat and Figure coat all seem to directly reference the cut-out work of Matisse. The Crayon dress and Paint By Number knit manage to keep things totally sophisticated whilst taking us on a reminiscing trip straight back to our childhood. It’s this humour and sense of not being too precious or serious with the work that is straight up our alley.

In an interview with the Textile Arts Center, Amber Day discusses her painterly approach to her work in this project. “Yarn would be treated like the line of a pencil, cut fabric and shapes like blobs of paint and construction paper, roving like brushstrokes, mesh like crosshatching.” It’s this element of pure fun that really shines through in the finished garments, creating an element of play that is irresistible! 

We’ll be keeping an eye on this girl and can’t wait to see what her next projects entail.

Follow Amber Day on Tumblr and check out all of the details behind her thesis project on her website. From inspirations and experiments to the final product, we found it so intriguing to see her process.

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