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Erin D Garcia

Specific Abstractions by Erin D Garcia

Erin D GarciaErin D GarciaErin D GarciaErin D GarciaErin D GarciaErin D GarciaErin D GarciaErin D Garcia

Erin D. Garcia is a Los Angeles based visual artist, exploring the crossroads between graphic abstraction and calculated specifics. His work caught our eye in its immediacy, boldness and minimalism within some incredibly bright colour palettes. ‘Optimism’ comes to mind when flicking through his impressive and consistent catalogue of work.

What may first appear as merely shapes and colours within negative space, is actually a process of distillation and elimination for Garcia. The concept is a response to how colours and forms work together in repetition. Broken down shapes, categorised by colour and pieced together in different arrangements. The beauty in the work is simultaneous; there is a theory, but the work can be enjoyed whilst blissfully unaware of it too!

His style of work, dissecting geometrics to abstraction, has been derived over time from an apparent constant fascination with shapes. In earlier work, Garcia has built on another concept which he named ‘stacks’. This was also explorations of simple shapes through colour, form and repetition, usually monochrome palettes on coloured stock.

Garcia’s installations have featured in the pages of Bullett and Foam magazine and splashed themselves across the walls of the Ace and Standard Hotels in LA in an environment of shapes. Anyone can share the experience of public art, which adds a whole other layer of beautiful complexity to the work. The audience would automatically enjoy the sheer immediate visual appeal of the shapes and curves of his murals and installations. Yet, there is the possibility of, over time, slowly understanding the concepts and dissection of these shapes and curves. Clever! That’s how you got us, man!

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