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Dom Sebastian is internet #aesthetic

Dom SebastianDom SebastianDom SebastianDom SebastianDom SebastianDom SebastianDom SebastianDom SebastianDom Sebastian

Everyone knows a triple threat. That godforsaken person who ticks all of the boxes for their field and irks jealousy from all who compete with them. The football player who runs, passes and kicks like a boss or the performer who breezes through dancing, acting and singing like it ain’t no thang.

If you’re a creative, prepare to weep.

Meet Dom Sebastian, the East London creative who blows the concept of the triple threat out of the freaking ball court. Graphics, painting, photography, music production, video, fashion; ‘designer’ is the only all-inclusive adjective we can think to use to encompass the many pies he has his fingers stuck in.

Not only are all of these pies delicious, did we mention he is only 20 and still studying at Central Saint Martins?

It’s not unusual to encounter note-heavy photosets of Dom’s projects during a routine scroll through Tumblr. Gradients, pastels, miscellaneous nostalgia-evoking objects, fruits, brands and plants all packaged up into a beautiful still-life hyper-real image. His work embodies the Internet Generation 2kWhatever aesthetic and #goals.

Viewing Dom’s work is like peering into an alternate reality. In this world, brands are subverted and re-purposed for his own use, 3D is exaggerated and products we might normally pass over are glamourised and thrust under the spotlight. Juxtaposition is used to find beauty in conventionally mundane or ugly objects. In this world, everything is beautiful and dripping in pastels.

Immerse yourself in Dom Sebastian’s internet presence on his website, Tumblr, Instagram and Twitter.

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