Repurposing and Appropriating with A.L.C.H.

Repurposing and Appropriating with A.L.C.H.



If there’s one thing we’re hell-bent on, it’s challenging societal normals and etiquette. This will thoroughly explain our current obsession with recent Melbourne RMIT fashion design grad and rising mens sportswear designer Alexandra Louise Champion Hackett and her namesake brand A.L.C.H.

Alexandra is a self-proclaimed scavenger, and forages for found objects, appropriating them into wearable garments and creating a new textile life for unexpected materials. No foolin’, this is no ‘bin-diver’ look. These articles of clothing are deluxe. Track pants made from postal packaging, citrus netting sleeves, NASA space foil jumpers and transparent wind cheaters made from bubble wrap. Minds = blown.

Attracting a cult-like following very quickly, A.L.C.H. has seen exciting collaborations across various formats with some of our favourite media and people. ACCLAIM Magazine, PITCH Zine and an array of super cool musicians (like Banoffee and QT!). Impressively, the brand has also been chosen to show in the National Graduate Showcase Runway at VAMFF this March.

A.L.C.H.’s motives are to challenge, subvert and reinvent the boundaries restricting fashion. In an interview with ACCLAIM, she explained, “Anything can be a textile, the only thing stopping us from wearing it as clothing, is social norms”. Practicality will become an issue when it comes to walking around in a bra made of McDonald’s fries cartons, but it’s the concept of questioning and the irony that is the true message.

You will find some real, practical wearables in the A.L.C.H. online store. At the moment you’ll find a cap and t-shirt playing on and recycling the concept of C.C.T.V. We’re anticipating the arrival of the receipt print backpacks made from machine-washable paper which will be available for purchase soon!

See more of A.L.C.H. on the website, blog and follow her on Instagram!

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