Julia Trybala

Melbourne-based artist Julia Trybala is one hell-of-a busy woman. The last three months have seen her juggle two solo exhibitions, a trip to Japan and full time study at art school.

Julia Trybala draws, paints and prints. Her work has been exhibited throughout Melbourne for the past two years, where she has gained notoriety for her depictions of girls and women in bold colour palettes.

Often enclosed in tight spaces and close proximities, the girls seem quite often to be pre-occupied with other things and engrossed in their own world within the work. We feel like we’re peeking in through their bedroom, or briefly catching a vignette of their world. It’s as though they’re zipping past on a train and we just caught them for a second through the window.

In her 2014 solo show ‘Beginners’ at Boom Gallery in Geelong in November, Julia Trybala explored concepts of “close relationships, distance and solidarity” through emotional scenes and moody palettes.

This week at The Tate Gallery in Glebe, Sydney, Julia continues to contemplate these themes and push them further in her new solo show ‘Cloak’. Ambiguous characters trapped within mysterious interiors, her women have found themselves contemplating anxiety, solitude and comfort in a world which is caught between dream and reality.

Catch ‘Cloak’ by Julia Trybala at The Tate Gallery, Wednesday 28th of January from 6pm - 9pm. See here for more info!

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Julia TrybalaJulia TrybalaJulia TrybalaJulia TrybalaJulia Trybala

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