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Ashley Ronning

We’re going to let you in on a cheeky secret. We have the biggest old love-crush on Melbourne-based illustrator, designer, crafter, risograph straddler, self publisher and star ponderer Ashley Ronning right now. Given the fact that if you scrape anywhere amongst the design and illustration community in Melbourne you’re bound to come across her delightful draws, we’re guessing you might fancy her a wee bit too?

Ashley’s drawings are a bounty of cuteness in the form of plants, donuts, galaxies, insects, mushrooms and science. Using a range of art supplies ranging from fine liner, watercolours and textas, you’ll find a lot of her work is reproduced in the form of art prints via risograph printing. Ashley’s subjects also include Bill Murray and Carl Sagan (love-crush number 2 - who can even resist that turtleneck?), and a stack load of zines pondering life and fronds, freshly riso’d and stocked up in the Ashley Ronning Mart.

It’s all well and good to oogle her work on the internets right now but what we’re super excited about is a really special opportunity to see Ashley’s work IRL, off-screen and vibrant as hell! Her first solo exhibition DEEP SPACE HOUSE PLANT.

“DEEP SPACE HOUSE PLANT occurs on an interstellar space station beyond our galaxy, exact location has been unknown for three earth years. The space station specialised in the affect of gravity upon earth plant life, and the discovery of plant life on other celestial bodies. Images have been received by the Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico of a seemingly abandoned station with overgrown experiments and small signs of struggle. It is unknown why the six humans on the station have fled, or if something more sinister has occurred. Investigation continues.”

The mystery unfolds at Rooftop Art Space in Melbourne on February 2 at 6pm. More details here.

Follow Ashley on Instagram, buy stuff from her mart, and check out her website!

Ashley Ronning

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