Josephine Heilpern

We love us some good ceramics here at Odd Pears. Even more favourable if they’re delicious textures plastered with poppin’ geometric designs! Brooklyn-based Recreation Center have got us pretty damn excited, and have sure fixed up our holiday wish-list woes.

Josephine Heilpern is the lady with the magic hands behind the small brand. Combining her background of print and sculpture with a love of creating simple, useful art objects, she has created a name for herself with her unique, functional ceramics.

Mugs, bowls, planters, jugs. Josephine Heilpern has pretty much all of your vessel requirements covered here, in a product that’s both a gentle nod to the influential Memphis design group and still so original.

We’re also suckers for supporting the small guys doing it for themselves and the hand-crafted, so Recreation Center have really ticked all our boxes and filled the empty hole in our consumer hearts. And hey, staring down the barrel of that morning coffee just got so much prettier!

Be wary of your wallet when surfing Recreation Center's online store and be sure to drool everyday on Instagram!

Josephine HeilpernJosephine HeilpernJosephine HeilpernJosephine Heilpern

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