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Transcendent experiences + exotic landscapes + the internet = art brand BFGF

Sometimes you stumble across a brand and their work just sticks. Compelling, memorable and original, BFGF is one of these brands. Maybe it was the silk scarf illustrating Drake eating a salad or the blankets covered in naively drawn homages to Matisse, Nike and Lisa Simpson. We simply haven’t been able to get BFGF out of our minds.


Artist and photography graduate Lilian Martinez is the founder and creator of the art brand. Based in Los Angeles, Lilian is at the helm creating everything from tees to mouse pads covered in positive, beautiful, simple graphics. Perhaps you can give it up for the sunshine-y Cali vibes, but this little label has got a sunny disposition that’s truly irresistible.


Lilian likes to “make cool and weird things”, and spread brief moments of positivity and beauty through her art. She explores visual artefacts that are visually present in everyone’s collective mind, the imagery that is spread and implanted in our brains by the internet. The work is inspired by a conglomeration of internet culture, transcendent experiences, snacks, cool / nice people and exotic landscapes. Her subjects vary from basketball, powerful women, plants, fruit, logos, The Simpsons and Drake. The result is digitally printed textiles, natural fibres and hand painted fabrics that are totally weird and fun.


See more from BFGF on their website and Instagram.

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