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Sara Andreasson

The universal truth is that Swedes do design right, right?

Sara Andreasson is a Swedish illustrator (amongst other things), who completely knocks the game out of the ballpark for her mother country. Her bold, vectored, colour-block and shape-driven work shifts effortlessly between commercial applications for clients like Rolling Stone and The New York Times, and a seemingly constant and consistent flow of personal work. Sara also seems to flit between an array of other mediums and projects. We’re particularly impressed by her past endeavours into furniture design (equally effortlessly simple and popping as her illustrations) and her position as Editor of BBY mag, a new digital and printed publication made exclusively by and focusing on persons who identify as women.

We’re thinking Sara Andreasson must be a pretty damn busy lady. This doesn’t seem to interfere with her consistently positive, playful subject matter. And we know that it’s pretty damn cold and dark most of the time up there in Swedesville, and yet we can’t shake those summer vibes when scrolling through her work. All those swirling pinks, blue watery ripples and sunburnt babes are getting us a little bit sweaty already. When we need a hit of heat, colour and a touch of humour, we know who we’ll be turning to!

Follow Sara Andreasson on Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook and her Website. Be sure to keep a close eye on BBY mag too.

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