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Lauching this week: Stacks On

We’ve got a little thing for zines. They can pick you up on a bad day and inspire you in all manner of ways. Given their tangibility and self-publishing nature, you can feel like you’re holding a small piece of the creators brain in your hands or get to know them a little better knowing that their own hands have played a heavy role in getting that neat little book to exist. Not to mention their very affordable price point makes acquisition very easy (and dangerous, eek).


If you enjoy special, limited edition books and products like us, you’ll be on board with Stacks On. Stacks On is a new publishing side project by Melbourne creative and friend of Odd Pears, The Seven Seas (aka Callum Addis). His foray into small press has come about with the acquiring of a Risograph printer and after testing the machine with his works for the past year, is now producing zines for other artists.


Callum has been printing, cutting and folding his way through three publications to kick start the project. The line up so far has included a collaborative book with Cat Rabbit about their cat Porco and a zine and mug release with Carla McRae.


The next zine to launch is by Melbourne artist Robert Bowers (previously known as Nior). We’ve stolen glances at a few deluxe looking spreads packed with lush line work, dogs and plants. Very promising sneak peeks that will be available exclusively as part of an exhibition at No Vacancy Project Space! The publication will be available alongside artwork by Stacks On's past and future collaborators, including Andy Johnson, Carla McRae, Ghostpatrol, Cat Rabbit, Magda Ksiezak, Robert and Callum himself! There’s also a top secret limited edition product being released with Robert’s zine that we can’t wait to set our eyeballs on.


Drop down to No Vacancy Project Space at Fed Square this Thursday April 7 from 6-9PM for beers, books and so much limited edition shiz your wallet’s going to drop out of your pants out of sheer shock. Stacks On runs from April 5-10.


Check out more from Stacks On on their website and Instagram.

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