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Contemporary artist collaboration rugs by GUR

When one acquires a rug, one usually anticipates that its home will become the floor. A rug adopts the life of a doormat, being worn down by chair legs and being spilt on with cheeky splashes of red wine. When we stumbled across GUR, we couldn’t imagine ever putting these little beauties through this kind of hellish rigamarole. Bright, colourful and contemporary, these are some fine rugs that belong on walls more than floors.


GUR is the brainchild of Portuguese designer Célia Esteves and had humble beginnings in 2013. After meeting a talented weaver in her hometown of Viana do Castelo, Célia had the idea to create colourful, contemporary, designer rugs in the traditional Portugese style. The project initially started with designs created by talented friends. The concept gained popularity, and has since seen collaborations with some insane creatives like Reality Studio and Atelier Bingo. The traditional style rug is one that typically adorns the kitchen floors of most Portugese homes, and Célia’s concept has totally transformed a local craft in a contemporary design brand!


Each rug is handmade by artisan weavers in a traditional handloom with raw recycled rag. The rugs are then embossed with layers of colours to produce the final bold, colourful designs! Some are even finished with super cute and fun tassels or embellishments to complete the design. Similar to a print run, each rug is limited to an edition of 50.


Excuse us while we pop off to collect them all and adorn our walls from top to bottom with rugs. No judging please.


See more from GUR on their website, shop and Instagram.

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