Minimal, considerate, slow fashion from Melbourne label Scott Benedictine

Minimalist, naturalistic, unisex and ethical. Focussing on quality, craftsmanship and the wearer, Melbourne fashion label Scott Benedictine (SCTT BNDCTN) is fighting clumsy fast fashion one hand-cut, made-to-order, bespoke garment at a time. The brand officially launched in 2012, and have gradually slow burned their way to releasing a much anticipated debut collection in 2015. Oh boy, was it worth the wait.


Warren Harrison is the face behind the label. With a background in master tailoring and a penchant for detailing and craftsmanship, Warren is bringing all that he learnt in the time he spent making suits to the modern fashion market. “People are too often told in fashion what size they should be wearing and how,” he’s said in an interview with Intent Journal. “But I feel it should be more about how they feel beneath the garment. It’s personal.” As a result, by buying a Scott Benedictine piece, you enter a collaboration of sorts. The ‘fit’ is relative to the wearer, with each piece being unisex or sex-less. Wear them how you will - fitted or loose - and interpret the clothing as you wish.


All of the Scott Benedictine Shirting is individually hand cut and machined in their Melbourne Studio, 'Maison de Benedictine’. Bamboo, cotton and linen pieces are individually hand made with divine, clean lines and meticulous craftsmanship, whilst SB tees are made by W.R.A.P (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) certified manufacturers, ensuring each piece is 'sweatshop free’.


It’s all about consideration, really. Giving thought to the garments we adorn and express ourselves with, and considering their origins and processes. Appreciating fabrics, skilled hands and the time it takes to create a truly beautiful, high quality, timeless piece of clothing.


Visit Scott Benedictine on their website and Instagram.

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