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Georgia Hill - Words with Muscle

Georgia Hill is a gal to keep your peepers on. This young freelance illustrator and artist has been making waves in the realms of typography for the last couple of years with her hand drawn, monochromatic lettering style. She’s rubbing shoulders with some of Australia’s most exciting creatives and tackled monumental-scale walls across the country for the likes of Wonderwalls, East Editions and First Coat. With a degree of visual communication under her belt and a few years switching between the roles of graphic designer and artist, Georgia’s graphic influences from both worlds have meshed together to ultimately create her instantly recognisable and sought after aesthetic. She’s turning heads everywhere, and very recently even took out Lost at E Minor’s Young Australian Creative Award in the Art category.


Using a range of mediums, her focus lies in branding, murals, installations and exhibitions for commercial and personal projects. Her aesthetic is in-your-face punchy and powerful. If her letterforms were personified, they’d be powered by pure brawn and greasy muscle. Whether she’s hitting up a page or a wall, when Georgia does her thing you can always expect some hyper-textural, monochromatic goodness. The work she produces is pretty exclusively monochromatic, with contrasty, tasty textures you can almost feel rippling under your skin. And maybe it’s just us, but we’re thinking every new wall she shares is significantly larger than the last?


No doubt about it, G is surely killin’ it. Can’t wait to see what 2016 has in store for this super sick, talented individual.


See more from Georgia Hill on her website, blog and Instagram.


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