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Witty, warm Sharpie times from Timothy Goodman

Timothy Goodman makes the kind of work that exudes positivity, warmth and love in a way that is sometimes cheesy, but never cringe-y. And when we say cheesy, we mean in the best kind of way. Like, you feel the familiarity of his words resonating deep within your chest and for a second you remember that you’re just a teeny little guy in a big world filled with people feeling the same stuff as you. Deep, yeah?

Enough mush. Timothy is a designer, art director and illustrator blown in from Cleveland, Ohio and based in New York City. Timothy’s story is an unlikely one; after barely graduating high school and time spent as a house painter, he began his career as a book jacket designer at Simon & Schuster after graduating from the School of Visual Arts. He’s also held roles as an in-house at Apple Inc. as well as a period playing senior designer with the experiential design firm, Collins. Since busting out of the corporate ring, Timothy has drawn for some of the world’s fanciest walls, esteemed magazines and products with a client rolodex listing peeps like Airbnb, Google, Ford, J.Crew and New York’s biggest newsfolk.

You may have seen him bumping around the internet as the co-creator of projects 12 Kinds of Kindness and 40 Days of Dating (both with designer megababe Jessica Walsh), his Instagram writing series Memories of a Girl I Never Knew, and his Instatherapy series where he bares his tender heart via witty and sensitive Sharpie scribbles. He’s a super advocator of the Sharpie, encouraging all to wield markers like weapons with his Sharpie Art Workshop books. Like Timothy says, I’d rather letter my own words horribly than someone else’s beautifully”. 

His most recent project with Jessica Walsh, 12 kinds of kindness is “a 12-step experiment designed to open our hearts,  eyes and minds”. These two self-proclaimed self-centered New Yorkers, have created a series of 12 steps as a way to become kinder, more empathetic people. Can we make a resolution to confront our apathy and selfishness? The journey covers themes like helping others, forgiveness, paying it forward, facing your own demons and simply smiling more.

See more of Timothy Goodman on his website, Twitter and Instagram.

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